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Friday 12 July, 2013

Launch of New Light Industrial: bringing a beaming audience to an old industrial space

Wednesday 10th of July brought councillors, business people, residents and artists to the old Wool store on Ba...

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Tuesday 25 June, 2013

LAUNCH of New Light Industrial

  The official launch of illuminart’s New Light Industrial project is to be held on Wednesday 10th ...

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Monday 24 June, 2013

Introducing Luminous and Moving Image Artists, soon to exhibit in Port Adelaide during SALA

Meet some of the artists who are involved in the Luminous Trail to be presented by illuminart and partners dur...

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Saturday 15 June, 2013

Activation of Peel Street for “Adelaide After Dark”

Activation of Peel Street, for a Vibrant City Planning project on Thursday 13th June. Illuminart’s insta...

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Thursday 13 June, 2013

Illuminart’s EL-WIRE DEMO: for bike art and costumery, and creative lighting art projects.

ELWIRE (electroluminescent wire) is mini-neon, bendable, animatable 2mm, 3mm in thickness… suitable for ...

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Friday 7 June, 2013

Artists to be featured in the Luminous Art Trail, SALA in Port Adelaide

We would like to introduce you to some more of the artists who are involved in the Luminous Trail to be presen...

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Monday 3 June, 2013

Light Rhythm Plays! snapshots

In 2012 illuminart began development of Light Rhythm Plays! – a new mobile visual music development, in ...

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Friday 31 May, 2013

Meet ‘New Light Industrial’ artists soon to exhibit in Artists Windows and the SALA Luminous Trail.

Over coming weeks we’ll introduce you to some of the artists who are involved in the Luminous Trail to b...

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Thursday 30 May, 2013

It’s a Launchy Soiree Thingee, to celebrate moving in to the Projectroom in Port Adelaide.

Since we have now been in the Projectroom at Port Adelaide for about three weeks we figured it was high time t...

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Friday 24 May, 2013

“Interactive Quilt Project” nears completion as new ITW workshops commence in Port Adelaide

Interactive Textiles Workshops are being held in coming months, during illuminart’s New Light Industrial...

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