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Monday 18 April, 2011

Photo contribution

A contribution of photos of buildings near Lipson Street by oral historian / film maker John Mannion from Orro...

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Friday 15 April, 2011

118 Lipson St "100,000 Welcomes"

Solid stone building, lovely large windows. Used to be an irish pub or restaurant at one stage in its “l...

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Wednesday 13 April, 2011

Railway Hotel

The Railway Hotel… built in 1856 by W.Wooldridge – bottle maker, brewer & carpenter. Died in 1...

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Saturday 9 April, 2011

The recumbent

Challenge #1. How to turn the recumbent into a mobile light sculpture. Stay tuned. Project: Shipshape....

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Saturday 2 April, 2011

Useful Links and References for Port Inhabited.

Project Partners: Illuminart Port Festival Links to local attractions: Gallery pt Mark Lobert Gallery SA Marit...

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Thursday 6 January, 2011

About Foundation/Welcome Home Lightnin’ Stone

Foundation/Welcome Home Lightnin’ Stone (working titles) was a multimedia performance project developed ...

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Wednesday 5 January, 2011

Thank you!

Thank you to the Lobethal community and the illuminart team, who have been involved in the Illuminart projects...

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Friday 10 December, 2010

Illuminart’s support of Lights of Lobethal in 2010

The Lights of Lobethal Festival and Illuminart worked together in 2010 to create exciting new projects for the...

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Tuesday 30 November, 2010

Meet the Team

The team of people working with Illuminart and the Lights of Lobethal has grown in 2010, and we thank everyone...

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Foundation / WHLS 2010

Thursday 25 November, 2010

Foundation Research Interview Archive

Nigel Glassey held several research meetings in 2010 during the first stage of research for “Foundation&...

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