Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Ruby Award winning “Black” comes to Bathurst in 2014

We’re excited to announce that “If there was a colour darker than black, I’d wear it” is to be presented in Bathurst as part of the BMEC Annual program for 2014.

Black in Bathurst 2014

“Black” (as its often called) is a hybrid media performance that takes the audience on a progressive journey to installations, performance and interactions around the town that collectively develop into a story experience. The narrative explores the life of Ado, a young man with potential but like many, some hidden issues and traps that can only be seen by following in his footsteps.

Black RubyBlack won a Ruby Award for innovation at the South Australia’s Ruby Arts and Culture Awards in 2013 and the team are very excited to be bringing it to Bathurst in 2014. This will be the third site specific presentation of the show presented through partnership between Country Arts SA, illuminart, Rising Damp Youth Theatre and the Bathurst Regional Council.

A launch about the show and the production in Bathurst will be held on February 10th at the BMEC. This will be an opportunity for local people to meet the local artists and actors and the visiting creatives who will be working together on the project.

The Bathurst show will bring key creatives Steve Mayhew (producer), and co-directors Gavin Clarke (choreographer), Cindi Drennan (projection artist), John Crouch and Jess Foster (actors), along with technologists Joel Panther and Steve Tilling to town. The team will be involving local actors, film makers, digital media makers and audiovisual technicians to develop the site specific materials and show for Bathurst from March to May 2014.

The audience for the show will be taken on a bus journey to progressively encounter all of the parts of the show in late May and early June 2014. Bookings can be made through the BMEC web site. or click the picture below to explore the BMEC 2014 program.

BMEC Program