• "Cindi and her team of artists impressed everyone who worked with them with their skills as projection artists and animators able to create an engaging and evocative work. Moreover, as it was the first time the University had mounted a projection of this nature - a highly technical work that required the close liaison with specialist projection suppliers and a range of associated specialists - illuminart also advised the University’s production staff on how best to engage with these specialist companies to achieve the best outcome.

    As a result of the above, I wholeheartedly endorse illuminart’s work and recommend them to any institution that wishes to produce a high quality building projection. "

    Paul Johnson (Vice Chancellor, University of WA)
  • "Illuminart’s work has a strong and authentic community engagement, both in its development and its extraordinary outcomes. It was an absolute delight to observe the huge crowds of local residents and visitors being completely mesmerized by the complexity and simplicity, the playfulness and depth, the detail and magic of Illuminart’s projections along the historic Lipson Street during the 2011 and 2013 Port Festivals.

    It had such a positive impact on residents’ sense of place, visitor’s perceptions of the area, as well as a huge benefit for local business development."

    Matt Rose (Events Mgr, City of Port Adelaide Enfield)
  • "WOW - what a creative event for the community to enjoy! As a ‘first timer’ at seeing projection art live, I waited for the shadows to creep over the Hart’s Mill and the sun to sink with great anticipation of what was to come. I came away from the event feeling both immensely proud as a parent of one of the young artists and also humbled by your confidence, warmth and collaborative support in nurturing all the young artists and their wonderful artwork."

    Glen Beaver (parent, audience member, Port Adelaide)
  • "In addition to illuminart’s national reputation for high quality, high impact architectural lighting projections and storytelling, illuminart were selected for the project on the basis of their unique approach to community engagement. This has translated to... a groundswell of support from the Great Southern creative sector to further develop opportunities for architectural projections, storytelling and other projects."

    Adam Cousins (Events Manager, City of Albany)
  • "It's rare to come across an arts practitioner that is as highly skilled as Cindi who also has the ability to work with a diverse range of stakeholders in such an efficient and meaningful way.

    I worked with Cindi as part of Adelaide City Council's 'Community Arts in Place' project - a project aimed at supporting artists to develop their community arts practice. Cindi's role was to work as a primary mentor for these up and coming artists, and help facilitate their delivery of a real life community arts project.
    Cindi has a true understanding of working with community and facilitating incredible artistic outcomes; bringing people together to express community stories, to create a sense of belonging, to inspire and to empower.

    Cindi's ability to work with trainee artists and community members as well as negotiating the tricky world of permits, regulations and proposals was outstanding - a true all rounder.

    The outcome of the Community Arts in Place project 'The Wishing Tree' was a huge success, bridging often disparate community opinion and showcasing the possibilities of community art in the area for the future. Trainee artists were well supported and encouraged by Cindi during the program, and have gone on work with Cindi as well as producing their own projects.

    Cindi is highly efficient, communicative, and has exceptional technical skills. It has been a pleasure working with her, and I hope to partner with her on new projects in the future."

    Ella Simpson (Community Development Officer / Freelance Visual Artist)
  • "Cindi was part of the Infuse project funded by Australia Council's Interarts. This was to provide professional development for local Natimuk (Vic) artists. She also provided technical support for Highly Strung, the major project in 2011. The depth of her knowledge was appreciated by all she met."

    Greg Pritchard (Cultural Program Director at Regional Arts NSW)
  • "Cindi has been a joy to work with on a range of projects and in a variety of capacities. She always brings passion, creativity, incredible technical knowledge and a brilliant work ethic to her work. I look forward to more opportunities to work with her in the future."

    Andy Packer (Artistic Director/CEO, Slingsby)
  • "Cindi is an admirable project manager and has a tireless ability to facilitate weird and tricky arts projects that would flummox most practitioners in terms of technical delivery. Cindi was a key creative in many events and projects that I have been involved with over the years in Sydney. In short, the girl rocks."

    Kirsten Bradley (Director, Milkwood)