Thursday, 20 February 2014

A welcome new web site created by Freerange Future

freerangefutureAfter nearly seven years, the illuminart web site has finally had a much needed make over thanks to the talented team at Freerange Future in Adelaide. Freerange have designed many excellent sites and branding including the new website for SAHMRI, and an iPhone / Android App called Adelaide Street Eats for Adelaide City Council.

The fresh new look for illuminart was devised by Amy Milhinch and David Walker after consultation about what’s most important for the future of our company.

The original website was constructed in 2006, in simple html using bbedit and dreamweaver by illuminart’s founder, Cindi Drennan, and eventually outgrew its humble dimensions. Cindi said “initially we had very little to share on the website so I designed a site that would look busier than it actually was, with flexibility to grow with us. But by 2011 we had some very large and complex projects on the go and we needed other ways of using the web, from blogging through to facebook, stickytickets, youtube and vimeo. Fortunately Freerange have been able to help us integrate all of our past work into a seamless whole that builds on everything we have done. Now we finally have a brand new fresh site, a revamped branding and space to move – we are getting into the new groove and we love it. Thanks Freerange… ”

The new website has some great features including a search refinement in the projects page, to help people find the types of projects they are most interested in. Contextual blog connections on projects help readers access information from behind the scenes production of the projects.

Illuminart has a huge body of work and not all of it is yet in the new site, so expect to see updates over coming weeks as dozens more projects and posts are added to the new site.