Project Summary

Port to Port – A visual story connecting South Australia’s coastal towns (and digital collaborators in them).


ILLUMINART’S PORT TO PORT PROJECT has been offered funding support through CATALYST, via the Australian Ministry for the Arts. Cindi Drennan, creative producer of the project said “This recogntion of the project vision and benefits to regional South Australia is greatly appreciated. We began developing the project in 2013 and this has helped take it to the level needed to realise our goals. We will be mentoring and supporting dozens of regional artists and communities who have been busting to develop skills in this artform, and collectively we will be creating an extraordinary project over the next 3 years”.

Port to Port involves us working with communities to bring large scale projection to town in a way that benefits many people, from advice, mentorship, creative opportunities right through to audiences seeing stunning architectural projection developed by regional artists. Participating communities receive mentorship and support to assist the regional artists in their community to develop locally driven media that forms part of the large scale Port to Port project and to have it presented in their town.

Illuminart’s relationship with regional communities has been developing over many years, and we began focusing on Port towns from late 2013. In 2014 with the assistance of Regional Arts Australia we began developing the concept for a large cross regional project.

In 2015 we went on tour to meet interested artists and communities Port Pirie, Port Germein, Port Augusta, Whyalla and Victor Harbor. Port Lincoln stepped up the momentum to work with us and in January 2016 we completed and presented Boston Bay Broadcast, as an event at Tunarama in January 2016 and subsequently won an Australian Event Award for best regional event SA. In June 2016 we held digital media training workshops in Port Pirie, and in July we held workshops in Victor Harbor.

Partnerships in Progress

With the addition of Catalyst Funding, illuminart is now confirming partnerships with regional communities who want to take advantage of digital media resources and training to build a light show in their community. Already we have keen interest from several regional partners who have been wanting to embrace this technology and artform. We are counting down the days to confirming the first round of partners in late March 2014.

Participating Artists

Port to Port is providing a wonderful, life changing opportunity for a key group of regional SA creatives who will be mentored by us through our Leading Lights program. We have confirmed regional SA Leading Lights trainees in Goolwa, Victor Harbor, Millicent, Port Pirie and Port Lincoln, and plan to involve trainees in other communities over the next 2 years. These participating Leading Lights trainees will build skills to develop and present projects in their towns, and involve many other regional SA participants.

Cultural Fund Campaign

Over coming months we will help the Leading Lights to fund raise for project costs, travel and digital media tools in their communities.

Where to from here?

Our training program to help regional SA artists to develop skills in digital media storytelling has begun! Our next training workshops are:

Leading Lights Workshop (supported by Country Arts SA) in Port Adelaide – 17-19 February 2017

Community Workshop in Alexandrina – 1 & 2 April 2017

Leading Lights in Goolwa – 19-23 April 2017

If you are a regional SA creative interested to get involved in Port to Port, please contact us!


Here are some videos and photos that show the ground work we have already done, to be ready to sew the seeds of digital collaboration among coastal regional communities. Scroll down for the list.

Inside South Australia – illuminart shines at major awards

Boston Bay Broadcast – Best regional event SA and State Winner, Australian Event Awards

From Grain to Glamour – follow up story and credits of the Boston Bay Broadcast event

Photos of the Port Pirie Workshop and Silo test projection in June 2016

Photos of the Port Elliot / Victor Harbor / Goolwa Workshop in July 2016


Other Info

PORT TO PORT – Supporting Cross Regional Collaboration through Digital Media

The main objective of Port to Port is to involve many regional artists in developing remote collaboration, visual communication and digital media presentation skills, through participation in workshops, via remote collaboration with a cross regional network, and promotion via a touring installation program.

Regional artists often experience isolation and a sense of frustration that their work is only seen locally, and that they might not be included or invited to participate in exhibitions in other areas. This project supports the artists to develop networks and export their work outside their area, by providing training and support in remote collaboration.

Remote collaboration enables people from around the world to work together without having to be “face to face” and tools such as Gotomeeting and Skype are already being used by organisations such as Country Arts SA and Arts SA so that staff can reduce travel. Our training and support will enable the participating artists to use similar tools for creative planning, construction of ideas, and publishing and promotion of their work. The project direction will foster cross regional creative collaboration and will encourage artists to gain understanding of opportunities outside of their local area.

The Port to Port project will connect 10 different ports around the coast of South Australia, and re-invigorate the idea of coastal trade as conducted by the Ketches of SA’s mosquito fleet. It takes the historic idea into a contemporary digital media framework, by expanding the notion into Computer Ports; thus the name Port to Port also denotes the process of digital connectivity between the artists.


Project Team

  • Cindi Drennan, Creative Producer
  • Verity Brookes, Creative Producer
  • Andy Petrusevics, Trainer
  • Zero, Trainer
  • Craig Laurendet, Trainer
  • Nisa Schebella, Leading Light
  • Care Vaughan, Leading Light
  • Sue Wegener, Leading Light
  • Kellie Higginbottom, Leading Light
  • Caroline Hammat, Leading Light
  • Sammi Lane, Leading Light