Friday, 29 January 2016

From Grain to Glamour: Bright lights shine on Port Lincoln Silos in “Port to Port” production

Port Lincoln’s grain silos are hard to miss on any day but at the annual Tunarama festival 2016, brilliant moving images, sound and music turned one prominent silo stack into a giant animation screen visible all over town, in the exciting 40 minute long BOSTON BAY BROADCAST.

South Australia’s awarding winning projection art specialist, illuminart® created a glistening story of Port Lincoln that shone brightly over Boston Bay for four nights.

Illuminart’s lead animator and projection artist, Andy Petrusevics said it took a team of over a dozen people to put the show together and map it onto the silos which represent so much to the people of the region.

‘We have gathered only local content for every element of the projected story including artists’ work, a young theatre group re-enacting the founding of the Port city, local sports people and town folk with great yarns from the early days,” Andy said.

“And local computer artists have joined us in the creative process of putting together artwork, photographs, actors and interviews which, between us all, has taken thousands of hours since we started collaborating several months ago.”

The show hit great heights on the 40 metre by 40 metre silo walls, and many of the people featured in this colourful telling of the Port Lincoln story were there to see themselves up in lights for the first time.

“It was thrilling to finally see the story playing in all its colour and sound and for some of those involved to really see what they had been a part of,” Andy said.

“And for us, it is always good to know that everything fits and all six projectors are covering everything we want to see!”

Starting Friday night, the Boston Bay Broadcast Projection will be heard on speakers all around town with an FM connection for boaties – an experience a lot like being at the drive-in but on the water.

“In much of our work, and this production particularly, we are digital storytellers who celebrate communities through putting their stories up in beautiful bright lights and interesting places, and the more people we can reach, the more that art and community shines.”

Viterra ‘Port to Port’ in Port Lincoln is the first of many digital stories scheduled to connect port towns throughout South Australia with their past, present and future through the exciting portal of projection art.

Illuminart is a South Australian based team of extraordinary lighting artists who design, create and present spectacular events making architecture, objects, people and communities shine. As specialists in the art forms of both the illuminated image and community engagement, illuminart is always innovating to make the lights brighter in storytelling, theatre, interactive media and permanent installation.

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 This project was initiated through the Port to Port program
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