Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Lucentide Project: Seeking Environmental Photographer

Update: This opportunity has been filled! Thank you to all of the applicants, we appreciate your interest and will continue to be in touch with you about future opportunities. We are delighted to be working with local Onkaparinga photographer Matt Frost of Infusion Photography and are collaborating on a display to be presented on  14th September 2018. To find out more about how you can get involved or see it, see

Creative producers illuminart are seeking an environmental / nature photographer who has a connection to or interest in the Onkaparinga River region, to collaborate with us on a project called Lucentide, for the upcoming Shimmer Photographic Biennale 2018.

Lucentide brings together photography, luminous projection, and community engagement with an exploration of the unique coastal landscape of the Onkaparinga region.

Illuminart are creative producers who work with communities to use illumination arts, digital media and knowledge building as a tool for transformation and story sharing. We invite interested photographers to contact us for further information about the project, budget, timelines etc.

Illuminart’s aspiration is to stimulate awareness of the biodiversity of the Onkaparinga area, and inspire community to connect with and appreciate the unique ecologies and biomes of the area. To achieve this, we will be involving the photographer in a joint presentation with local biodiversity experts, to help raise community awareness and inspire community photography that will help to showcase natural spaces in the region.

Illuminart will connect the selected photographer with specialists who have knowledge of the Creek, River Mouth, Coastal and Marine areas and working together with us, will invite people interested in photography to a presentation where participants will develop skills and knowledge of these spaces and capture photographs that help to showcase and preserve the region. The process will invite contributions that we will jointly develop into a luminous presentation that shines light on the natural treasures of the Onkapringa Coast and Estuary.

The photographer we seek to work with us on Lucentide would be committed to environmental photography and would have a deep love of wildlife, nature and biodiversity. They would have a demonstrated practice of minimal impact photography and an interest in environmental preservation. We hope they will be interested in projection art and moving image, sharing images through public events, and exploring the impact of social media engagement and community events to connect with people.

The photographer would also have the willingness to collaborate with other project partners including City of Onkaparinga, and the general community, and to share knowledge and inspire others.

The photographer will be asked to co-present a talk, workshop or presentation (facilitated by illuminart) in the lead up to the Shimmer festival. We envisage a practical day to meet participants at selected local natural places, to observe the environments, learn and take photographs. The participants will be involved further by contributing their photographs to be presented as part of the Lucentide project.

The photographer will help illuminart to select and curate the photographs contributed by the participants and the public, and to provide contributors and ourselves with feedback as we create a digital artwork to be projected at the opening of the festival.

The photographer will be engaged to produce a series of photographs themselves which will be showcased in the Lucentide project. The body of work – consisting of contributions by the Photographer, and by public and workshop participants – will be projected as a Shimmer launch event, an installation and will be presented in a touring project in 2018.

The fee for the work, and the nature of the presentations and photography, and the level of involvement in the projects will be subject to negotiation; meaning that the photographer has the opportunity to work with us to build a project that meets our needs and suits their practise and availability. We envisage the project to be a series of meetings facilitated by us, and the fee to cover the photographers time (estimated 5 days spread over a 3 month period), materials and travel costs, but the final project plan will be devised with equal input based on availability and the conversation with the selected photographer.

Ideally the workshops and public presentations will occur in July or August, with the final presentation to occur in September. This community arts project is funded through a partnership between illuminart and City of Onkaparinga, with support from the Australia Council for the Arts, and is part of illuminart’s statewide Port to Port project.

To let us know you would like to be considered for this opportunity please email to your expression of interest, and outline:

  • What interests you about the project
  • Connection to City of Onkaparinga and the region
  • A link to web site or a pdf portfolio
  • Demonstrated interest in environmental photography, biodiversity and environmental sustainability
  • Demonstrated abilities in Photography
  • Demonstrated abilities in public presentation

Or just give give our Creative Producer Verity Brookes a call on 0405 629 225.

We need to hear from you by Wednesday 13 June 2018.

This project is supported by:

PorttoPortThis project is part of illuminart’s ‘Port to Port’ statewide collaboration, creating digital stories to connect port towns throughout South Australia with their past, present and future through the exciting portal of projection art. It has been made possible with the support of the Australia Council for the Arts. 

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