Friday, 24 November 2017

illuminart’s Digital Masters training event in Victor Harbor

As part of Port to Port our statewide collaboration, illuminart has been providing our mentees and interested professionals a chance to learn insider knowledge in digital media storytelling, and projection mapping techniques. Our most recent symposium was held in October in Victor Harbor, South Australia.

The symposium was four days of intensive learning and exchange that covered projection mapping, architectural projection workflow, hands on with a template and artboard, advanced animation techniques (After Effects), digital mastering and the digital review process. 12 people attended, specialising in two streams – either Digital Artisans (focused on digital production techniques) or Digital Curators (specialising in management of digital artists workflow).


The participants were given the learning experience of creating a work for the Victa Cinema permanent projection system,  seeing it presented publicly on the third night on the art deco facade of Victa Cinema.

Projections at Victa Cinemas

Participants were also given the opportunity to go the process of putting in a proposal for a paid commission for the site, from which three proposals were selected. Two of these short commissions will be seen commencing from the 25th of November as part of the ‘Orange the world’ campaign to end violence against women and girls.

This latest symposium was made possible with the support of Victor harbor council, and has been connected to illuminart’s Port to Port project assisted by the Australia Council for the Arts.

The Port to Port project is building a team of Leading Lights who are regional and outer urban South Australian community artists seeking to develop their skills in digital media arts practice by participating in the Port to Port project. Illuminart is training these mentees to deliver the Port to Port project in their communities.

The Leading Lights program has been steadily growing over the year and has three newbies, Brittany Pfeiffer from Christies beach, Lauren Karp from Streaky Bay and Telene Clarke from Port Lincoln. With them joining it brings the team to 9 Leading Lights across South Australia.

The symposium brought these Leading Lights together with other industry professionals to learn the highly technical and challenging skills of projection art. During the symposium the Leading Lights get to connect with each other and share their skills and projects ideas. They also work on the development of the larger collaborative project.


Here is what some of the participants said about the Symposium:            

“I particularly enjoyed the chance to get hands on with Premiere Pro and to have a brief look at Photoshop. Using the template was a good introduction to constructing content around a specific building. (Now I am looking at every building I see as a potential screen!)

I really appreciated Andy and Stu’s patience with getting me started with Adobe and with answering some really dumb questions.

One of the best things for me was the amount of sharing and collaboration in the group and the offers to help into the future. It has given me the confidence to start really using the Adobe programs, knowing that I now have access to support when I hit one of those frustrating brick walls (and feel like hurling my mac through a window…!)

The weekend was such a generous and inspiring space to be in. A big thanks to everyone and to Cindi for creating such an innovative concept.”
Telene Clarke Port Lincoln.

“I loved the fact we got to experience a mini-premier down the main street with what we had been working on.”
Lauren Karp, Streaky Bay

I had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed meeting some likeminded people. I felt very welcome and over all I thought the experience was fantastic.
Brittany Pfeiffer, Christies Beach.

“Working with specific architectural templates and guiding projects through the architectural design process enabled better understanding of the projection workflow as a whole. Also valuable to see our efforts culminate into a site-specific projection, with added animation zest too. Being able to assess what worked studio-to-building, making links between that projected and the logistics that entails, to engage with the public and witness their reactions, all beneficial.”
Kellie Higginbottom,
Port Pirie.

“It was a great weekend and I really appreciated the opportunity to connect up with everyone again, experience a one on one with Cindi and catch up with Stu, Andy and Zero and learn new skills that I can build on further. Thank you especially to Cindi for the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful program and the opportunities that come with it.”
Sue Wegener, Port Lincoln.

“What a fabulous weekend!! It was wonderful to spend quality time with the Incredible illuminart crew (Cindi, Verity, Andy, Stu, Zero)…and reconnect with leading lights (Nisa, Sue, Caroline, Kellie, Sammi) and meet the new lights Lauren, Brittany and Telene…and also Jimy and Ryan with their already amazing animation talents (love the spider running across the building).

The most important thing I found from the weekend was spending time with you all as it is the bouncing of ideas…hearing what you are all doing…talking shop and basically being lost in what we love.. that I find exciting and it helps fuel the creative process. Thank you!”
Care Vaughan,
Victor Harbour.

“The time spent with the others (leading lights, mentors, industry professionals etc) is invaluable and I feel I learn a lot from these interactions. Everyone was generous with their knowledge when I asked questions.

The opportunity to work with a template was a great learning experience and to see the projection the next night was really interesting for generating new ideas and understanding what worked and what didn’t.

I also found the chance to talk to Cindi at the end helpful to clarify future expectations and opportunities that I can hopefully take advantage off within my own community.”
Caroline Hammat, Millicent.


PorttoPortThis project is part of illuminart’s ‘Port to Port’ statewide collaboration, creating digital stories to connect port towns throughout South Australia with their past, present and future through the exciting portal of projection art. It has been made possible with the support of the Australia Council for the Arts. 

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