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Saturday, 2 April 2016

Collaborate to Create: Port to Port comes to Port Pirie!

This event has now finished!

SA’s projection artists illuminart are coming to Port Pirie to blow up the local arts scene… literally blow it up to SILO size using high powered projectors!

If you’re in Port Pirie and creative, would you like to find out how your writing, visual art, music, culture, history or performance could end up being projected as BIG as a silo?

Illuminart will be holding digital media workshops on 1-3 June, where local creative creative people will be able learn how their images, music and digital video can be brought to life on a MASSIVE scale through projection onto the silos.


Please contact us to register

Do you love projection onto buildings and want to see more? Help us build a show in Port Pirie. This session is for people who want to suggest stories, art, video or find out what its all about – to be held at 6:30 pm on June 2nd* at the Red Cross Building, 135 Ellen Street Port Pirie.
*Note date change, was previously June 1
DROP OFF ARTWORK / MUSIC / MEDIA / PHOTOS / FILMS on USB: during Digital Training Session 1 ( 10am to 12:30 pm on June 2nd), or at the community meeting (6:30 pm on June 2nd).
for local artists, makers, teachers who want to create projection. Register here.
  1. SHARE YOUR ART through the power of projection – a session for artists who don’t know how to use computers –  10am to 12:30 pm on June 2nd 2016 *
  2. PHOTOSHOP BASICS – a session for artists or makers with basic computer skills in the first steps of graphic media. 2pm – 4:30pm June 2nd 2016
  3. ANIMATION BASICS – a session for artists with skills in photoshop, in the basics of timeline animation. 10am – 1pm June 3rd 2016
  4. RECORD YOUR STORY: A session for local people with a story to be recorded. 2pm – 4:30pm June 3rd 2016
PROJECTION SHOW CASE – 5:30pm at the Port Pirie Silos, on June 3rd 2016


If you already know you want to participate, please fill out the form below and you will be emailed the full details as they are arranged, or contact us to find out more.


The workshops, projections and amazing free opportunity of seeing your work up large, is coming to your town as part of PORT TO PORT, a training and creative development project that’s supported by Country Arts SA and Regional Arts Australia and has already had a hugely successful project in Port Lincoln.

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This event has now closed!