Thursday, 5 May 2011

Notes from Public Meeting on May 5

A meeting was held at the Port Adelaide Town Hall on the 5th May 2011. People who live in, or love Port Adelaide, were invited to have creative input into the vision of this site specific event. About 18 people attended, many from the area including:

David and Rhonda Nearmy, John Ford, John Roberts, Christine Courtney all with a wealth of historical knowledge; local artists Bob Daly and Kalyna Micenko, Peter Thompson and Karyn Grubb; and people with an interest in animation and projection including Luku Kukuku, Mary Giles, Melanie Burge. It made for an interesting night of tales and more facts than we could keep up with.

The notes from this meeting are being compiled into … references and probably we will end up with a lot more questions! We hope to follow up with many of you over the coming weeks to tease out these exciting threads. And for anyone else reading this post… stay tuned, we’ll post some references soon.

Thank you to Jane Marr for organising this meeting.

Project: Port Inhabited.