Sunday, 1 May 2011

Contributors & Supporters

This project is significant, being derived from the creative and technical skills of leading artists, combined with the conceptual intellectual and creative input of people who live in or have connection to Port Adelaide.

This page acknowledges the people who have had input into this project so far and is updated regularly to acknowledge the contribution and support of locals and artists. This is just the beginning… there are many people who we are still yet to talk to! If your name is not on this list and should be, definitely do make contact.

  • Port Adelaide Historical Society
  • Port Adelaide Artists Forum
  • Fred and Susanne, Railway Hotel Lipson St
  • Century Yuasa Batteries
  • Keith Webster and team, Mt Barker Battery World
  • Peter Thompson, Lipson St
  • Mark Lobert Gallery, Lipson St
  • Amanda and Peter, SOHO gifts, Lipson St
  • Christine Courtney, Sea Witch, Lipson St
  • Jeff Hill, Maritime Museum of SA & Sea Witch, Lipson St
  • Julian Murray and Neil Waller, Friends of Paul McGuire Maritime Library
  • “Kaz” Pedersen
  • Gail, Cafe foreyou, Lipson St
  • Kalyna and Bob, PAF
  • Lynn (great grand daughter of Sarah Jane Lipscombe)
  • Emma Webb, Vitalstatistix Theatre
  • Janine Peacock
  • Casey Van Sebille
  • Tim Willett
  • Juha Vanhakartano
  • Port Adelaide Enfield Council and Festival team including Jane Marr, Matt Rose, Jodi Pfitzner and Eleanor Taylor.
  • Danny Rohrlach