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Wednesday 22 September, 2010

Hope’s Passion 2010 Creative Development

The first stage of work involved research into the chequered lives and stories of Queens Theatre, and engaging...

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Monday 30 August, 2010

Landed at Junction 2010: Projection Mapping Henty House

The brutal imposing structure, Henty House, inspires appreciation – its clean lines and angular form ove...

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Friday 30 July, 2010


These exciting projects for Lights of Lobethal 2010 have been assisted by the Australian Government through th...

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Ghost of the Thylacine in Launceston

Thursday 22 July, 2010

Exploring Henty

A bit over a week ago I visited Launceston to get my head around Henty House – the site, the site for ou...

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Light Catchment

Thursday 20 May, 2010

Mapping Henty, Meeting Mentee

I was looking forward to meeting my mentee, Joel Panther, in person for the first time, and would be showing h...

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Friday 30 April, 2010

Heading to Launny Real Soon

I’ll be in Launceston round midday or early arvo on Saturday the 15th May, working on a set up for Lande...

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A wide view of Henty House showing the cascading series of (disused) balconies...

Thursday 22 April, 2010

About Henty House

Henty House – site for our projection art installation for Junction 2010 Art Festival. Here is some of o...

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Cindi Drennan in studio with photo of LANDED

Saturday 10 April, 2010

LANDED – Plans / Questions

I’m working on my thematic questions and concerns for LANDED....

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Henty House: Brutalist Architecture. The site for Landed.

Tuesday 30 March, 2010

Exploring the space for LANDED

The most interesting aspect of this space is the intersection of lines, and of empty volumes… Brutalist ...

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Henty House during the day. Let's see if this space is transformable.

Sunday 28 March, 2010

Henty House

I’ve identified the site for LANDED – my main artistic project of the Junction 2010 program. It is...

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