Project Summary

PROMISE is an audiovisual light sculpture and installation, as beautiful by day as by night, which was initially presented at Sydney Festival 2009. The twin six metre high structures are composed of steel, fibreglass, deconstructed wedding dresses and lace, with an integrated AV system.

The work is inspired by sailing journeys, and the promises made by people separated by voyages or journeys, such as “I will return for you”, “I will never love another” and “we will be together”. In days of old, when a voyager left, who could know if or when they would return, it might be months or years before there could be news of them.

Audiovisual projection and light at night enhance the structure with a story of commitment and bereavement, honouring the whimsical, tragic and romantic. Promise fuses bride, ship, and lighthouse, with yearning for someone far away. Projection of imagery onto the Promise sculptures passes through the layered screens, spilling onto the neighbouring environment, creating reflections and shadows of the images and the lace structures.



Other Info

Promise has since appeared at Port Festival 2009 in Adelaide and at Northbridge Innovation Festival 2013 in Perth amongst other places.

Project Team

  • Cindi Drennan, Sculpture / AV Design
  • Samantha Ray, Soundscape
  • Craig Laurendet, Structure and Logistics
  • Kirsten Bradley, Contributor to moving image
  • Tom Ntum, Soundscape
  • Trilby Temperley, Soundscape
  • Jo Fife, Textile Artist
  • Sam Chamberlain, Installation
  • Kevin Wedding, Structure
  • Port Festival Crew, Installation
  • Sydney Festival and the First Night Team, Installation
  • Fiona Pride, Andy Stewart, Production Management
  • Century Yuasa Batteries, Sponsorship
  • Alien Proof Construction, Structure
  • Brett McLoughlin, Power Engineer
  • Irina Rheyktman, Work of art
  • Terra Reecke, Installation
  • Sally Dare, Installation