Monday, 15 April 2013

Illuminart at Northbridge Innovation Festival 2013

Illuminart’s  projection sculpture PROMISE will head to Northbridge Innovation Festival for presentation on the 26th – 28th April.

These twin massive seven metre wide translucent projection sculptures that move with the wind and cast unusual shadows, will be accompanied by a mapped audiovisual projection show during the evenings.

TheDepot_IMG_5011illuminart’s projection sculptures PROMISE are large sail like projection structures composed of recycled fabrics including wedding dresses from regional Western Australia. Although considered by many to be sacred, wedding dresses add their own story to the structure, to imply ideas of commitment, faith, loss and change.

By day the structures play a soundscape, and at night come alight with animation including new media created for the innovation festival.

Two of the illuminart team travel to Perth from 22 April, meeting with local artists who will contribute elements to the illuminations. PROMISE has been presented in Sydney Festival in 2009, in Port Adelaide Festival, and Adelaide Fringe Festival; this is the first time it will travel to Western Australia. This visit follows a recent trip to Perth to present the mapped architectural projections “Luminous Hall” as part of the University of WA Centenary.