Saturday, 27 April 2013

“Promise” Projection Sculptures at Northbridge Innovation Festival

To close a month long salute to the forward thinking and creativity, the City of Perth presents Illuminart’s ‘Promise’.

At night, these 3D textile twin sculptures transform into a spectacular audiovisual installation. Standing approximately seven metres wide, each of the twin sculptures has flexible sails constructed from a patchwork of recycled wedding dress fabrics, that form a translucent projection surface. During the day there is a mesmerising detail of recycled fabrics and vintage lace that is accompanied by an intriguing sound composition. At night the structures come to life with animated illuminating projection art, linked to the themes of commitment, vision and innovation. The surrounding area becomes entangled in the art as light dances from “Promise’ onto nearby buildings.
‘Promise’ is the artistic vision and execution of Cindi Drennan, producer and artist at Illuminart, an Australian company that pursues artistic and technological innovation in projection art and interactive media.
‘Promise’ is in Perth Western Australia between April 26 and 28 at the Northbridge Piazza, as an installation for the Northbridge Innovation Festival.

Past incarnations of Promise include: (Widows Walk) (Romance)