Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Interactive Textiles Workshops in Port Adelaide

ITWlogoAre you interested in creating wearable / interactive / light / textile art?

illuminart will be holding exciting illuminated textiles workshops in June, July and August 2013.

These workshops are very creative, practical, hands on, teaching innovative techniques and will interest anyone who enjoys an adventure with textiles.

The workshops are being held at our Port Adelaide Projectroom for luminous art making.

Textiles and LightUsing templates, materials and techniques we provide, you will be making fabric constructions  (such as headwear, lanterns or toys) that respond to touch with colourful displays of light. During your workshop you will be designing and playing with materials, learning skills in design, combining sewing and electronics, and learning some of the the principles of interactives and electronics. These skills can be applied to fashion, garments, toys, home crafts and more.

Workshop fees cover attendance, materials can be purchased separately or included; We also offer discounted workshops to participants who wish to get involved with illuminart on an interactive textiles project to be shown in Port Adelaide.

We will also be holding intro classes in basic electronics, soldering and interactive hardware, for those who want just the technical skills.

Our workshops are being convened and hosted by Trevor “dok” Collict and Cindi Drennan of illuminart. Trevor creates electronic and interactive hardware installations for illuminart, and Cindi is an artist with experience designing projection art incorporating textile constructions and lighting.

See some photos and examples of the skills covered in this post about our last interactive textiles workshop, held in March 2013. Participants created pieces of a large interactive illuminated textile quilt that will be exhibited in mid 2013.

Interactive illuminated garments, lanterns and hats created by participants will be exhibited during the LUMINOUS ART TRAIL/ EXHIBITION being presented by Illuminart during the South Australian Living Artists Festival 2013, and the creators may be invited to present their completed hybrid/electronic garments at other future events.


1) follow the links for each workshop below to see pricings and to book a place through sticky tickets.

or 2) email or call Cindi to arrange booking and/or ask questions.



The upcoming workshops are:

Mood Lamp“MOOD LANTERNS” an Interactive Textiles / Luminous Arts Workshop to create luminous interactive textile lanterns to use as mood lighting or interactive art.
•  Beginner : info session on the 7th, workshop on the 15th, 16th of June 2013
•  Intermediate : info session on the 22nd July,  workshop on the 27th, 28th of July 2013. BOOK HERE
•  Advanced : info session on the 22nd July, workshops on the 27th, 28th of July + 3rd and 4th August 2013

THE MOOD LANTERN workshop is for people who have an interest in textiles and how to add electronic / interactive elements and would like a thorough hands on introduction to techniques… or a refresher if you’ve already done the basic workshop. It will involve demonstrations of interactive electronics incorporating arduino, LED, elwire, and sensors; Hands on experience working with devices to embed, embroider, stitch and attach to fabric; and learning about the design and programming of interactive electronics. Hands on work will involve designing an interactive “lantern” or piece of a large collaboratively constructed textile artwork that will be exhibited during the Luminous Art Trail.

Thinking Cap“THINKING CAPS” an Interactive Textiles / Luminous Fashion Workshop
•  Advanced : by appointment on 8th + 9th June. BOOK HERE

Ever wanted a glowing hat that you could switch on at night? Wanted to “lighten up” and share a little glow that reflects your mood? Learn how to create interactive Luminous Headwear! (Beanies, Bowlers, Fascinators, Steampunk Top Hats etc that light up) in this latest session of Illuminart’s Interactive Textiles Workshop Series.


“ELECTRONIC SKILL UP SESSIONS” covering specific techniques, in half day, day or evening sessions.

  • Simple LED Class: 10th + 17th June 2013
  • Basic Soldering Skills: 11th June 2013
  • Interactive Textiles Primer: 12th + 13th June 2013
  • El-wire Class: 29th July 2013 (TBC)
  • Arduino Class: 30th July 2013 (TBC)

Simple LED class   –   2 evenings or 1 day

Learn to create simple LED circuits with the aid of online tools and develop a basic understanding of electronics. In this course we will explain the basics of voltage, current and resistance. You will learn how to use this knowledge to design simple circuits to light up as many LED’s as you require with the help of interactive online resources. Learn how to wire up and design LED circuits to suit your exact need. Learn the difference between parallel and series circuits and how these can be used to your advantage in creating designs. All practical work for this class is carried out on easy to use prototyping boards so no soldering is required. There is no take home project for this course except for the knowledge you will need to light up anything you desire!

Basic Soldering Skills Class – half day or evening

Learn to use a soldering iron to manufacture your own circuits. This course will concentrate on basic soldering skills. Learn the three rules of soldering and develop practical skills in soldering Iron care & safety, tinning, wire joining, through board soldering, surface soldering and heat shrinking. Also learn the basics of choosing a soldering iron that will suit your needs. Practice these skills by assembling a simple electronics kit which you can take home at the end of the course.

El-wire Skills Class – half day or evening – details coming soon

Arduino Skills Class – half day or evening – details coming soon