Thursday, 23 May 2013

Alive after Dark – Port Adelaide is becoming a New Light Industrial precinct


Thinking about economic renewal, activation of the area, bringing new visitors to town?

So are we, and that’s why we (arts company, illuminart) are spending May to October 2013 in Port Adelaide, South Australia – to be part of a luminous transformation that involves local businesses and community.

The project works with local spaces, to bring fresh input and activities in to town, and testing the waters for innovations that will interest local people, artists and new audiences, and shed light on new ways of thinking about urban renewal.

Through partnerships and arrangements with local businesses, property and factory owners, we are able to bring sponsorship, training and audiences to the Port, and support local cultural events. We’ll also be participating in the 2013 South Australian Living Artists Festival with a special program of illuminated and moving image arts. All of these contributions form a program of events and activities called New Light Industrial which you can read more about, in the NLI blog.

Local businesses who have agreed to support us already have the benefit of design input, promotion, association with public projects, and extra business. Would you like to be part of the project as well?

If you manage a property in the area marked on the map above, and would like to find out how this project can be of interest to you, please make contact and we’ll phone or visit you.