Friday, 28 June 2019

Testing equipment and taking creative risks, in the Epson Projection Ambassador Program

We have always been known for pushing projection and testing the technology in new ways, but now we’ve been able to go further.

Being selected for the prestigious Epson Projection Ambassador program has helped us advance the projection art form using Epson’s industry-leading projectors, and collaborating with technologists at Epson has been exciting for all of us as we’ve embraced some very ambitious projects.

Epson having our back as we took these tools into new areas and experimental projects, has been a great experience for our team.

Being let down by equipment it impacts your trust in technology, you begin to always imagine something will go wrong – but our experience with Epson, for its robustness, flexibility and reliability has been really positive and it has cemented our trust in the equipment and the brand.

Pushing technology to its limits, is exciting, scary, thrilling… we took technical and creative risks on the project and were so pleased that Epson’s equipment and support met… and exceeded our expectations.

You can see how Epson projectors brought our Yabarra – Gathering of Light project to life in this mini documentary, and the extraordinary impact that project has had on South Australia continues to resonate.

We’ve been really thrilled with the performance of the equipment and the fantastic support from the Epson team.

A few photos below of the installations on Yabarra – Gathering of Light. Visit the Yabarra project page to find out more!