Susan Lee


Based in Adelaide Susan Lee is the in-house Marketing Manager for illuminart Stories in Light. Susan is a national regional tourism specialist working at the intersection of experience development, stakeholder engagement, branding communication and partnering with others to do cool stuff.

Susan works with hundreds of clients across Australia to enter, navigate and thrive in regional tourism. Susan has over 20 years of experience as a destination marketer, self-drive product developer, tourism operator and consultant in her business Clear Vision Consulting.  CVC helps investors, developers, place makers, local government, National Parks and Wildlife, Indigenous people, and food producers to identify markets, diversify income streams, and scale by using strategies that successful companies adopt.

She works with organisations to fully realise their tourism potential by  mastering the fundamentals of storytelling, creating emotional experiences, and getting booked out.

Susan wrote Booked Out! How to Start and Grow a Successful Regional Tourism Business in 2022, was Regional Tourism Marketing Manager for the Flinders Ranges and Outback SA, has held Board roles on the Australian Regional Tourism Network and West Melbourne’s Tourism.