Samantha Ray


Samantha Ray works with illuminart as a Creative Producer and Community Engagement Coordinator, assisting with project development in regional communities and Perth.

Samantha Ray’s creativity is infused throughout the soundscapes and music of illuminart’s large scale projections, and adds a sparkle through unusual light projects and innovations.

Samantha Ray is a mesmerising vocalist who traverses a profusion of styles from epic arias to the modern classics upon request. Samantha Ray has specialised in providing beautiful musical solutions for unique and intimate gatherings, and auditory experiences. She is known for her chameleon voice with a range which extends from gut-bucket blues to heavenly host. Samantha is producer of soundtracks for film and narratives including ‘Luminous Hall’ (Illuminart/UWA/PIAF) and ‘No Boundaries Project’ (Illuminart/Penrith City Council/Sylvanvale Foundation).

Other works

  • Samantha Ray

    Samantha’s compulsion to broaden her operatic roots enables her to deliver many musical styles, including show, power ballad, jazz and funk, as well as weaving and transforming the classical genre with ubercool electronic rhythms. A theatrical twist, both captivating and chameleonesque!

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    Here you can listen to Samantha Ray: a swathe of covers and originals of various genres, both studio and live recordings.