David Ryan


I develop new projects in western Sydney and regional NSW by drawing on my background in cultural development, theatre and video making. My practice respond to the needs of the community and has significant social and cultural impact outside the traditional gallery or theatre space. The work also supports our social ecology and can help to maintain both human health and natural resources.

My role is to connect local people, as participants or spectators, with artists and technology. I use creative tools including digital VR, performance and projection to innovate in public space. The art works begin with a process of research and public engagement and lead to surprising and inspirational story development workshops. The stories that evolve from are recorded, animated and placed onto a larger, public canvas.

In 2016, I produced Meet St Marys at Coachmans Park, a night of contemporary dance and video, which combined many generations and cultures for a warm night in the park.

A collaboration with pre-school children, their carers and educators led to the installation, I am a seed, I’m a small, small seed, 2015, at Penrith Regional Gallery. This tale of local food production was illustrated by story telling, song, drawing, ceramics and video projection.

I curated Solas, Queen Street, (2012) a pedal-powered interactive light and audio installation:  It enabled the audience to generate critical thought around clean energy production.