Care Vaughan


I am based in the Encounter Bay area of SA. I have worked in painting and photography for over 25 years and digital art for about 10 years. I am both a studio based artist and community art activator, and love art for the creative  experience  – I have an innate urge to evolve and play with different mediums and creative avenues. My artistic journey gravitated to mobile digital projection and illuminart in the last 3 years and I am loving every minute of it. At a certain point I found my paintings were getting bigger and bigger (even to the size of an entire Skate Park) as I had a massive urge to ‘Go large’ but for some reason I felt there might be something more for me than murals. Digital projection showed me how to fulfill this desire to make BIG work in the most amazing fluid way as it is so far from static and  can transform any space like magic. There is so much room to move and play with imagination and turning something like an old building into a moving, living canvas of colour and sound just blows my senses, I love it!