Creativity + Inclusion = Wellbeing

Illuminart’s mission to provide positive outcomes for communities, encompasses a variety of in-house not for profit projects, and creative project partnerships with communities and organisations.

Our projects’ legacy includes social wellbeing, community arts and cultural development, beyond the public outcome.

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You can also explore some of illuminart’s community and wellbeing projects below.

National Disability Award winningNo Boundaries Project
focusing on empowerment and inclusion of creative diversely abled
in the Penrith region of Western Sydney NSW

The GeriActivistsa project focusing on seniors
in the St Mary’s region of Western Sydney NSW

Ruby Award winning ‘If there was a colour darker than black I’d wear it‘ focusing on suicide in regional communities, presented in SA and NSW

Regional Event Award winning ‘Boston Bay Broadcast‘ brought community together to collaborate on a large scale vision, in Port Lincoln SA

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