Activations & Pop Up Projection

illuminart’s creative array of laneway and pop up projection, live light painting and light installations can add colour and movement to festivals and events, especially for event managers on a tight budget.

Illuminart’s activations attract a broad cross section of the community to enjoy the landscape at night.   Light and projection art are very inclusive because they are easy to view and can cater for large crowds, and illuminate dark spaces, changing perceptions about them. They contribute to developing a night time economy, and add life to spaces that may otherwise feel vacant.

Combined with our community arts process or workshops, they can also offer a great introduction for people wanting a taste of the excitement of projection art or a chance for hands on.

Here are some of our blog posts featuring activations.

Random Acts of Light – a curated one night presentation of luminous installations

New Light Industrial – a series of short term installations

Adelaide after dark – live interactive projection in laneways

Illuminating the face of S.T.E.M. – projection of women science accomplishments on to women science students and buildings in the urban environment to highlight the role of women in science and to promote women STEM role models.

Illuminart Streets (2004) – one of the first mobile projection projects in Australia

Whyalla Weirdness – pop up projection onto a theatre

Unley Gourmet Gala – featured live light painting and laneway projections


Keep an eye out for our mobile projections and other activations, and contact us to find out more.

Relevant Projects