Projection Art and Light

Illuminart is the inspiration of collaborating artists, innovators and technologists. Our dream has been to fully explore the potential of projection art and to bring the magical qualities of illuminating projects to as many people as we can. Let’s create together, clever things with light.

Activations & Pop Up Projection

illuminart’s creative array of laneway and pop up projection, live light painting and light installation...

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Spectacular Son et lumière

Peacock on Winthrop Hall at UWA

illuminart's artists transform historic buildings and monuments, using projection, special effects, sound, music and storytelling.

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Project your message

Projection mapping techniques and illumination art are ideal for telling the story of your company and the products and services you have to offer.

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Projection Sculpture

Fractured Heart Interactive (photo by Naomi Lamb)

Illuminart's projection sculpture combines animated projection and structural forms to form a magical illusion of a structure coming to life with light and image.

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Luminous Art & Installation

illuminart Interactive Mood Lantern

Light is an astonishing medium that requires mastery of varied and continually evolving disciplines.

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Interactive Projection

A boy using the LEAP motion and Big Glowing Button to choose and trigger possible alternative Port Adelaide futures from the "Think Tank" at illuminart's FUTURE PORTAL. Photo by Craig Laurendet.

Illuminart bring delight to audiences through the magic of interaction.

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