See yourself in the Story

See yourself….
on Yaintya Makkitura Moving Image Screens!

This part screen installation, part immersive video experience shares South Australian stories.

Does your community have short videos or a group of photos that you would like to offer, to be shared in the screen space at Aus Lights on the River?

From afternoon until late, on the 25th and 26th January, the Yaintya Makkitura Moving Image Screens share a flowing spring of ideas, thoughts, stories moving between people. The gently sloping riverbank is a place to come and sit, BYO blanket, to enjoy as many minutes or hours as you wish. Alternating live views of cultural and ceremonial moments, with curated films and photographs, the multi-screen display is a space to sit, listen and discover the diverse places and people of SA.

Share your films, media and stories to be presented on the screens.

The key themes are:

  • Belonging to Country
  • Connecting to Nature
  • See yourself in the Story


  1. Made in Australia
  2. Provides a positive message about nature or culture
  3. Is relevant and respectful for modern intercultural Australia
  4. Will be enjoyed by family and intergenerational audience
  5. Less than 5 minutes long (video) or less than 20 images

If you have questions: email to

How to Send:

Useful Links:


Earlybirds please send your video as soon as possible to make sure you’re in the best part of the show

Still need more time? The absolute Last chance to upload is by 20 January – however if the programme is filled earlier than that we will cut off sooner.

Hi, we have restricted the total number of entries to 5. If you need more please contact us directly at


Conditions of Entry:

Screen Media Contribution terms and conditions are:

Contributions can only be made by the original author / copyright owner of them or by an agent/guardian of the original author who has permission to contribute. The contribution is made with the permission granted to the presenter (the Australia Day Council of South Australia) to creatively include the contribution within the Australia Day 2022 programme and associated promotion, granting a licence for the contribution to be used, projected, and digitally manipulated in this context.

Contributions may be excluded from the event at the discretion of the presenter and its representatives for any number of reasons including quality, relevance to the theme, appropriateness for public space, or upload after the stated deadline, or other reasons. While it is hoped that all contributions may be included the presenter does not guarantee that all will be and it is a condition that Contributors must accept the decision of the presenter, for the final selection of contributed images.

The contributor also permits that their email address and contact information will be stored for the purpose of communication about this project, such as to contact the contributor if there is a question, and to provide evidence that permission has been granted by the contributor for their use.  We will only use your contact details and any other personal information that you give us for this purpose and will not disclose it without your consent, except where we are required to do so by an Australian law or a court/tribunal order.