Salty Forest Questions and Comments : Help us create a new illuminart project

We called on community all ages to contribute YOUR comments and questions about the ecosystem that exists in and around the local mangrove forest into the form below!

As part of the exciting Salty Forest installation in store for Port Pirie SALA Winter Festival 2023, illuminart’s science and art team has combined educational workshops and discovery sessions which all combine in a unique installation at the Memorial Park Rotunda as well as new content for the Port Pirie City Park Projection. This project provided YOU with the perfect opportunity to be included in the conversation!

Your questions and comments all helped inform the panel’s discussion! You can listen to this discussion and a collection of ecological interviews by heading to this blog.

Some of the questions you asked follow:

  • Why do the mangroves smell and what’s so important about them anyway?
  • How many species of animal are living in the mangroves anyway?
  • Are all the creatures local or do some travel with the seasons?
  • Are the mangroves quite different during the different seasons?
  • What can we do about the smelly swamp?
  • How are the ibis connected to the mangroves and how can I stop them from hanging around my bin?
  • Do pest control solutions have an impact and what kind of impact? The mozzies drive us crazy!!!
  • What are those little holes in the mud?
  • Are there still dangerous things in there and if so, what are they?
  • What do the creeks have to do with the mangroves?
  • What is a circular system and how does it work?


Stories in light are a powerful way for community to connect, remember, reinterpret and create new visions. Your questions are a reflection of your connection with our local land and people. Your comments also inspire further research and ideas.

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