Be part of the light show on Quorn Silo!  The silo projection will feature a rolling exhibition of images and art by Flinders Ranges local community.

Share images you are proud of to help showcase our wonderful area.

Upload images and Provide Permission Below

This opportunity is open to all community members of the Flinders Ranges Council area, and to people outside the area who have a long standing relationship with the region.

Images are gathered into collections which will be uploaded to the Silo from time to time, so it may be some time before what you contribute will be seen. We will keep in touch with you by email and let you know when it is likely to appear.

Please see the conditions of entry here.

Submit Images

To submit images, please drop your files below, and fill out the permission form underneath, click submit to enter.

The form offers options for you to:

  • Upload multiple images (up to 25MB per image)
  • Upload multiple themes (just choose all the themes of interest from the pull down menu)
  • Upload various file types.
  • Write captions or descriptions or tell us how you want to be credited in name/text for the images

If you have any need for help, please call illuminart on 1300 ILLUMINART (1300 455 864) and ask for our help desk, or email us at