Quorn Silo Exhibition – Invitation to participate

an Invitation for Quorn and Flinders Ranges Council region locals!

The Quorn Silo will be illuminated with a special nightly show, and will showcase a rolling series of exhibitions throughout the year, from the end of March 2020.

After sunset, for just half an hour, a Son et Lumier will play, designed for tourists. But then as the night becomes silent, it will become a digital exhibition of images contributed by local people. This quiet exhibition will showcase what we, the community of the Flinders Ranges area, are proud of, updating to new themes regularly.

Who is the opportunity for?

Most of the themes for the showcase are ‘open call’ meaning anyone can enter, provided the images is their own and it features images of the region.

We also have opportunities for artists, galleries and photographers to have their work showcased during the annual art festivals. (These opportunities are only for local residents of the Flinders Ranges region, for people with a professional association or long relationship with the area.)

All contributors will be credited with captions or name credit of their choice (can be anonymous).

We also have some commissioned art opportunities planned and will advertise them separately. If interested in this, please contact illuminart.

When will the images play?

We are planning to project the image showcase each night, after the Son Et Lumiere finishes playing.

Themes for projection

We are planning to showcase different images each month and will arrange images based on themes. If your image doesn’t seem to fit a theme, please choose ‘nominate my own category. Note that images can appear in multiple themes!

The themes:

LOCAL NATURE – beautiful imagery of the Flinders Ranges, Gulf and Willochra – Gorges, Trees, Flowers, Bush, Views!

WILDLIFE – all our precious local Native Animals including the famous Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby, our local Birds, Willie Wagtail, Wrens, Eagles, Emus; , Echidnas, Snakes and Sleepy Lizards, and the infamous Little Corella! Images of baby animals and chicks will be especially appreciated.

DRY AND WET – Images of the Floods, Washaways, Dry Country, Rainbows, Desert Life, Drips! We would love to include video from recent heavy rains, dust storms and dry days. Pictures of old drip tanks, troughs, bores and windmills, running creeks…

LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION – Have you been involved in a film in the area? Got behind the scenes pictures or gossip?

FARMING – farming and rural life, current and historic, mustering, landcare, harvest, utes, sheepdogs and farm animals (lambs, puppies, awww), farm activities and families

LOCAL LANDMARKS – A favourite stone ruin, your local church, a cairn or sign, a local park, a place you play or work at, any place you think should be noticed more.

EQUESTRIAN –  horse riding, horse trails, horse events, stockyard arena and local riders

LOCAL ARTIST SHOWCASE – Local artist, like to be part of a projected exhibition during South Australian Living Artists Festival?

SPORT – Sports photographs and headlines – any era and any sport, just needs to be the local area. Swimming pools at Hawker/Quorn, bikes, sports carnivals at the schools, golf courses, gym, tennis, bowls…

TRAINS TRACTORS TRACTIONS – Anything mechanical, steam or vintage machine! Best train photos, pioneer park machinery, machines you made yourself (surprise us).

ANZAC COMMEMORATION – veteran photos, memorabilia, photos of anzac day event in quorn and hawker, roll of honour.

GEOLOGY & NATURE – camping, hikes and walks, bushlands and pinnacles, sunsets, fossils and the beauty of the local flinders ranges

MERCURY – nominate headlines, stories, photos etc from any edition of the mercury news

More themes will be added over time. You can suggest themes too!

Conditions of entry

  • Proper copyright clearance! It has to be your own photo/art etc or you have to have the permission of the persons whose it is. You will need to provide permission for it to be projected and photographed.
  • you have to be local to the Flinders Ranges Council area or have legitimately taken the photo or made the media in the area.
  • ideally it should fit one of the themes (though we might make exceptions if its truly stunning… and needs its own category!)
  • You can submit up to 5 images per theme. If you have more and you are keen to have them included please get in touch about it. (There are limited people hours, and need to be shared among all the contributions)
  • You need to be comfortable with the photo / artwork being shown in public space
  • If you are a professional artist or photographer, please let us know in the submission form or contact us (This open call out is designed to include all community members – you are welcome to contribute here, and we would like to invite you to opportunities designed for professionals). Please make sure you give us details about your gallery / art shop / blog / facebook page so we can properly credit you.
  • We reserve the right not to include the images if they are poor quality or may cause offence, or if we simply have too many and can’t fit them all.
  • That’s it for the rules! Think about what would look amazing on the Silos and help Flinders Ranges Council region feel proud!

The media we are looking for:

  • Photos!
  • Video!
  • Words/Info!
  • Art/Drawings!
  • And we might also be interested in sound, music, etc or looking for people who will tell us a story (more news on that, soon)


The exhibitions will be a place for us to share photos, artwork, drawings, images and creative media – and there are a heap of themes (chosen in consultation with community members) to contribute to. Ranging from Art, Sport, Farming, Nature, and many more… they will match the changing seasons and interests of the town.

Our local photos and artwork will make the Quorn Silo projections completely unique, and set it apart on the Silo Art Trail!