Whispering Walls – If the Walls had Ears

During this unique theatre performance that incorporated live performance and multimedia, audience members were able to discover historic tales of Nairne. The journey took in performances and interactions along the main street, shops and dank, dark cellars where doors creak and stones echo; and the panoramic visual delights of building projections.

Illuminart were involved during the project to develop components of this multimedia performance, as architectural projection sites. The three projection locations – Nairne Museum, Old school hall and laneway to a bridge crossing, each provided a small creative insight into people of the past, and the long enduring legacy of built heritage.

“Whispering Walls – If the Walls had Ears” covered a wide range of Nairne’s history and included activities employing all ages from school students to retired locals. The opening involved the Ink Pot Arts indigenous dance and storytelling group plus a smoking ceremony by Ivan Tiwu-Copley, which was a first for Nairne. It also provided access to buildings which are not normally available and which have major historical significance: e.g. the undertaker’s cellar and the Crooked Billet. The organisation was very professional, the event ran to schedule and was set up so as to cater for inclement weather. The range of activities was quite outstanding and comments from the community were all very positive. Many asked if the event would be running annually.

The program was produced and presented by Ink Pot Arts Inc. with support of Country Arts SA, Carclew and local partnerships.

The projections onto selected buildings were outstanding, made even better by being tailored to the individual buildings, both in that they emphasised the individual features as well as giving a pictorial history of Nairne.

Clive Pay, Chairman - Nairne Museum
  • Show times and dates:
    Saturday 18 May 2019 5:30 PM
    Saturday 25 May 2019 5:30 PM
    Sunday 26 May 2019 5:30 PM.

    Whispering Walls Venue – Head, Heart & Hands
    81A Main Road, Nairne, SA 5252

    Produced by Ink Pot Arts Inc

  • Project ID # 1193