Virtual Lights of Christmas

Illuminart were disappointed not to be able to do real projections in Rockhampton this year but we were thrilled to be invited to create a virtual version instead. 

This 360 degree experience takes illuminart’s Rockhampton Cathedral projections into a whole new dimension, you can watch from home!

See it here: to see full screen in youtube (see the tips below), and to see our previous three shows in Rockhampton (The Nutcracker, The Visitor, and The Christmas Tree).

Experience glorious Cathedral ‘projections’ with 360 degree magic snow, Santa’s Sleigh, and Angels… all accompanied by voices of children in the Rockhampton Cathedral College Choir.

Tips for best viewing:

  • View on desktop or headset
  • Youtube settings button: Quality 4K or higher
  • Look all around! There is plenty to see.
  • Enjoy!

Discover a wonderful new “Lights of Christmas” brought to you by the The Cathedral College, and Illuminart