Victor Harbor Digital Art Projection – free attraction in Victor Harbor, SA

Originally launched in 2016, installation has been in hiatus while the City of Victor Harbor were upgrading Ocean Street Precinct.  It will return to nightly operation in early 2023. 


Victor Harbor has proudly established South Australia’s first regional permanent architectural projection system with the expertise of illuminart to help select the site and develop the content, which illuminates the historic facade of the art deco cinema on the main street of Victor Harbor.

The installation runs most nights of the year.  From December 2020 illuminart have taken over the supervision and curation of this system – curating a program of digital content for the installation, monitoring and managing the system and supporting the process for future maintenance and upgrades.

To see City of Victor Harbor’s web page about the installation, please visit:


We are so happy with how this has turned out!

Victa Cinema