Victor Cinema: permanent projection at Victor Harbor

Victor Harbor has proudly established South Australia’s first permanent architectural projection system with the expertise of illuminart and Mosaic AV to help select the site and install the system, which illuminates the historic facade of the art deco cinema on the main street of Victor Harbor.

To celebrate the launch of the permanent projector, illuminart were commissioned to create the first animation to grace this gorgeous architectural canvas. The result is a mesmerising and magical digital sequence to inspire and excite whale watchers of all ages.

Victor Harbor has a close relationship with whales; Primarily Southern Right whales, also Blue Whales, Humpbacks, Sperm Whales and Orca are known to visit the Harbor annually to give birth, and are central to the town’s tourist industry.

In a seamless shift of context and location, atmospheric effervescence and covert costume changes, the whales in familiar waters appear to evolve into cosmic space-whales blazing through the stars in a psychedelic swirl of mind bending majesty!

Project Team

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