The GeriActivists: A future vision in Virtual Reality

Illuminart presents The GeriActivists: A future vision in Virtual Reality by St Marys elders.
The GeriActivists are a bunch of forward looking, tech savvy seniors who imagine what life might be like fifty years from now. They are St Marys locals who are working together with illuminart to help them harness Virtual Reality technology and visualise Queen Street in the future. 
But “don’t expect a sci-fi film” says David Ryan from illuminart. “We’ve asked Seniors to remember great ideas from the past that are missing in today’s world. Once we find what they enjoyed most ‘back in the day’, we can recreate it and put those lost ideas back into a virtual future.”
Futuring St Mary’s is just the beginning of the process… we’re working towards filming live performances along Queen Street in a series of VR video shoots, and working towards an installation for the community, to enable anyone to experience 
experience the journey through Queen Street performances and futuristic visions, aboard a specially constructed VR Kiosk.


Other Info

The GeriActivists is a show-case for all the diverse people who use or live in St Marys.

Are you a local musician, dancer or performer with a story to tell?

We’d love to hear about your group and include them in the film.

Please contact Verity 0405 629 225 or David 0438 468 174.

Project Team