The GeriActivists: A future vision in Virtual Reality

The GeriActivists are a bunch of forward looking, tech savvy seniors who imagine what life might be like fifty years from now. They are St Marys locals who have been working together with illuminart to help them harness Virtual Reality technology and visualise Queen Street in the future. 

During 2017- 2018, illuminart collaborated with with diverse groups of senior people in St Marys, NSW. Each community group, supported by artists and technicians, chose a significant location, devised a script, created a storyboard and then recorded their performance in 360°. The recorded performances, combined with animation and spatial audio, become an immersive VR experience, which transmit important community-devised narratives to future generations. 
The completed performances / future visions are being presented and toured aboard a specially constructed VR Kiosk.

You can view some of the films here.