The Ribbon: Architectural Projection for Murray Bridge

The Ribbon, an architectural projection art show presented by Burke Urban to celebrate the opening of the Murray Bridge Cultural Precinct.

The audiovisual story depicted memories and stories contributed by Murray Bridge residents, mapped onto the historic town hall building, directed by projection artist Cindi Drennan of Illuminart.

The scenes were all created from stories and creative contributions by local residents of Murray Bridge, representing the diverse cultures and backgrounds of the area.

Scenes included an illustration of the Pondi (Murray Cod) by local artist Nellie Rankine, brought to life by animator Luku. Other segments featured animation by Danica Wells-Heitmann and Guy Jamison, representing words by local poet Juan Yang, and stories of the Murray River and settlement. A compostion of characters animated by local young artists at workshops run by Carclew Youth Arts was also featured.

The name “The Ribbon” represents the connection between people and river, the ribbon cutting for the opening of the Cultural Precinct, and red tape symbolising the environmental challenges of managing the River Murray, complicated by crossing many states and bureacracies. (Prior to subsequent the Federal  Government stepping in to take leadership of the Murray resourcing.)

  • Project ID # 250