Story Wall @ SLSA – Permanent Architectural Projection

Story Wall at the State Library of South Australia is an interactive creative projection installation designed to engage, entertain and educate.

When the Library closes for the day and the lights go out, the State Library Forecourt comes alive with fascinating stories, characters, history and hidden gems projecting onto the exterior wall of the Institute Building. And the Story Wall offers a whole new level of experience for visitors, enabling visitors to choose from over 40 stories via the interactive pod.

The Story Wall, launched by the Hon. Jack Snelling MP Minister for the Arts, is an exciting new state-of-the-art projection installation which uses imagery and sound to tell stories exclusively from the Library’s collections, treasures and exhibitions.

The Story Wall concept – taking the Library from the inside to outside – started nearly two years ago and has been made possible through bequest funds. This new exhibition experience adds a different dimension for the researcher, library user, student and particularly the community. It connects the Library and its collections with people of all ages, who may not have entered the Library till now.

The Story Wall is a permanent exhibition and screens every night of the year. During summer the Story Wall screens from sunset to midnight. Stories specific to South Australia – Christmas Pageant memories, Bob the railway dog, Festivalia – have all been creatively enhanced by illuminart. In the same way a reader seeks out new books to read, the Story Wall will be progressively updated to bring new and exciting stories to encourage people to come inside and find out more.

I’m delighted to see this innovative exhibition experience at the Library, the first of its kind on any cultural institution in Australia. All the content you see on the Story Wall is from our collections and showcases the richness of our State’s history in such a unique and creatively engaging way.

Alan Smith, director SLSA


Project Team

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