Illuminating the Face of S.T.E.M.

The focus of this project was to highlight successful women in Science Technology Engineering and Maths in Australia, who have achieved success Nationally and Internationally, by using light and projection in an unusual way during Science Week 2016.

The content was developed in workshops involving illuminart artists, Flinders University students and staff, exploring how to represent women who ought to be famous for their achievements in STEM.

There were several nights of Guerilla projection onto landmark buildings, where students presented performance interventions in Rundle Mall and neighbouring areas – wearing white lab coats and overalls with STEM images and information beamed on to them from mobile projection trolleys.  The audience were drawn in to engage with the display and to photograph the ‘STEM tableaux’ to share on social media, and to collect information cards about leading women in science careers.

Through this activation, the STEM women students gained confidence in working together, innovating with imagery, and standing up to be STEM role models in their own right. The images shared by public and students reached nearly 10,000 social media likes and shares, and many thousands more saw the projections on television or read about it in the paper.

The project showcased Australian Stem women role models raised awareness of STEM to a diverse range of people through an interactive art encounter, by meeting the people on the streets of Adelaide and surprising them with pop up projection!

  • The project was developed in partnership by Flinders University‘s STEM Women Branching Out Group and South Australia’s own projection art company ‘Illuminart’, a team of award winning South Australian artists and designers who specialise in creative partnerships, community engagement and architectural projection. The mobile projection system is an innovation from the illuminart team that appeared in the Adelaide CBD for the first time in this project.

    The series of mobile projection activation events occurred on the 15th, 17th, 19th of August in Rundle Mall or on King William Street, between 6:30 and 8pm, culminated in a feature projection onto a prominent CBD building on the 19th August. illuminart artists Andy Petrusevics, Zero, Susie Skinner and Jessica Foster, Cindi Drennan supported the project throughout the development.

    This Inspiring Australia initiative is supported by the Australian Government as part of National Science Week 2016.

    • Natalie Venning Flinders University’s Project Manager
    • Susie Skinner Performance Deviser, Director
    • Zero Animator, Tech Director
    • Andy Petrusevics Animator, Director
    • Craig Laurendet Consultant
    • Cindi Drennan Company Director
    • Jessica Foster Consultant
    • Peter Darwin Consultant
    • Craig Williams / Mosaic AV Building Projection & Tech Support
    • Laura Smans Production Manager
    • Belinda Warnes Stage Manager
    • Jennie Groom Tanya Monro's Photography
    • Alisha Adams Student Volunteer (Bachelor of Science)
    • Elisabeth Porter Student Volunteer (Bachelor of Science)
    • Emily Zabel Student Volunteer (Bachelor of Science)
    • Georgia Hill Student Volunteer (Civil Engineering)
    • Kalkidan Gagliardi Student Volunteer (Biodiversity and conservation)
    • Linnet Tang Student Volunteer (Bachelor of Information Technology)
    • Megan Sebben Student Volunteer (Environmental Science PhD)
    • Rachel Kowalski Student Volunteer (Bachelor of Information Technology)
    • Soumaya Jaber Student Volunteer (Bachelor of Engineering)
    • Shirley Mangin Volunteer
    • Prof Amanda Ellis Academic Staff / STEM women branching out group
    • Assoc Prof Claire Lenehan Academic Staff / STEM women branching out group
    • Assoc Prof Karen Burke da Silva Academic Staff / STEM women branching out group
    • Dr Margaret Shanafield Academic Staff / STEM women branching out group
    • Dr Maria Parappilly Academic Staff / STEM women branching out group
    • Dr Sherry Randhawa Academic Staff / STEM women branching out group
  • Project ID # 1092