State Theatre Company S.A. – 2018 Season Photo Shoot

We were really thrilled and excited by the opportunity to work with Photographer James Hartley and State Theatre Company director Geordie Brookman on a new approach to photos for the 2018 season brochure. This is produced annually and kept tightly under wraps. As it always strives to represent the next season’s program in an innovative and evocative visual concept, every year is stunning in its own right and eagerly awaited.

Working alongside James was enjoyable and a successful collaboration between a team of highly skilled people, including our director Cindi Drennan who has a long background in painting with light using projection and video art.

Over several days the talented actors, STC support staff and photography crew crafted scenes that involved projected imagery as a background, and other textures projected onto the actors, using high definition imagery to illuminate them in a magical way. One of the most challenging concepts involved projection of words into smoke, which through testing and feedback was developed into an ethereal smokey halo.

Although the production was different to the architectural projections and projection mapping we are most well known for, it went very much to the heart of what illuminart do well.

“Every part of this process… from crafting the symbolic, edgey imagery, through to getting the light levels and focus technically perfect, was truly connected to what we love doing. Making meaningful art and communication using light as the medium. And beyond that it was very satisfying for me as an illumination artist, to be able to bring all of my skills into this one intense creative project.” said Cindi Drennan

“It was a real honour to collaborate with State Theatre Company and James Hartley, and its a very special feeling to have these ephemeral luminous crafts as a highlight of the annual program.”

The new season brochure was released in early September 2018 and offers a rich, imaginative insight into the captivating works to be presented by State Theatre Company in 2018.

Behind the scenes

"Cindi’s work is extraordinary, she took our vague feeling or texture based ideas and made visual magic out of them. Watching her and photographer James Hartley work together was a real pleasure."
- Geordie Brookman
Artistic Director of State Theatre Company South Australia