illuminart’s Travelling Light on a grand SALA projection art tour 2019

TRAVELLING LIGHT:  we will be roving regional South Australia in a unique odyssey, in a vehicle specially equipped with two high powered projectors…. touring over 3000 kilometres of coastline to share projection art storytelling with South Australians.

Many small towns will have never seen large scale projection, and residents will be astounded to see their silos. halls and walls lit and writ large for a single night, with bold colourful artwork and stories collected over three years for this touring production. Some places will feature significant local stories, crafted especially for the event. All of the stories and art will be permanently archived in an interactive archive accessible to tourists, who will learn more about South Australia’s incredible art, culture and history.

The tour is being presented and promoted during the South Australian Living Artists festival (SALA) and will begin on the 1st August 2019 and culminate on the 27th September 2019 with projection at the Falie in Port Adelaide.


During the tour we will present a stunning projection show that changes in each location and grows along the way, connecting people and places from Mount Gambier, through Millicent, Victor Harbor, Onkaparinga, the Yorke Peninsula, Iron Triangle and West Coast of SA…

team illuminart are packing photons into suitcases and TRAVELLING LIGHT! … taking digital stories and projection mapping on a giant road tour as the finale of five years of cross regional collaboration around South Australia.

Dozens of stories have been collected and created, connected to the theme of Port to Port – and involving people in telling stories about their place.

The projection art tour will travel a route connecting Ports and trade routes, and will illuminate landmarks in each place.

It is hoped that there will be over 15 stops along the route, where a landmark will be illuminated by projection stories traded across South Australia, and artwork contributed to be ‘blown up’ as large as possible.

Some places have also booked ahead and arranged for a workshop to be held or a story to be created especially. If your town are interested in hosting illuminart’s Travelling Light project, contact us.

Confirmed so far:

  • 1st August 6pm – (details coming shortly)
  • 2nd August 6pm – Port Pirie
  • 3rd August 6pm – Minlaton
  • 4th August 6pm – Booleroo
  • 6th – 12th August 6pm – West Coast in planning (includes Streaky Bay and Elliston)
  • 14th – 24th August 6:20pm – South Coast in planning (includes Mt Gambier and Goolwa)
  • 25th – 31st August 6:20 pm – in planning (includes Onkaparinga)
  • 27th – 29th September 6:40 pm – Finale


Illuminart are a team of artists who bring communities together to experience incredible, after dark light shows. Our mission is to bring the art of storytelling to light, and to bring people together to share the experience of stories created about your own local place. Every production aspires to move people, to create magic, and to craft a digital legacy that live alongside memories of the events.

In 2016 illuminart began working on their own large scale production, Port to Port… building a series of digital stories with communities all around SA. The stories have featured local artists, history, tall tales, natural riches and colourful themes.

Illuminart have collected hundreds of stories, which have been lovingly crafted into family friendly animated art, ready for projection. Our team are now preparing to take the entire collection of animated stories on tour, to all the cities, towns and regions who have participated.


Illuminart have been working on this project since 2013, with the help of various grants, partnerships and community connections around SA. For more information about our 5 year long project (so far) visit and please make contact if you are interested in the tour visiting your town on the coast of South Australia.




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