Light up the Cape / Rugged

Light up the Cape, Saturday 18 September, was a public event presented during the 2021 Festival of Nature, featuring storytelling projection lighting up the Lighthouse Fleurieu.

The event was the world premier of a new production commissioned by Festival Fleurieu, titled Rugged. Created with the support of the festival and Arts SA, the 20 minute long projected story illustrated the local Cape Jervis community’s stories and anecdotes about life on the rugged, windswept and wild Cape.

Rugged was two years in the making, involving Sammi Lane, Nisa Schebella and local community groups in research and story devising. It was written and animated by Andy Petrusevics, illustrated by Chris Gaston, incorporating voices by local community members, with introduction and acknowledgement to First Nation by cultural custodian Karl Telfer.

Light up the Cape opened with One One, created by Alysha Herrmann & Nic Tubb (Part of things) in collaboration with young people of the Fleurieu Peninsula.

The event also featured several stories made by local people with illuminart support including The Persistent Postman and The Lighthouse Letter (Michael Rostig and local schools); Second Valley Jetty (Sammi Lane); Beach Clean up (Chris Gaston).

The audience came well rugged up to enjoy the show, and some folks watched from a nearby lookout tuning in through FM.

Was fantastic! Very well done.

Grannie Annie (Event Attendee)