RM Williams Centre – Eidsvold

North Burnett Council set out to upgrade the RM Williams Centre in Eidsvold, Queensland. Illuminart were approached to design and install an interactive AV Booth inside the Centre and a Permanent Projection installation outside the Centre, with a nightly projection show to be viewed from the Camp Kitchen beside the main building.

Illuminart filmed, directed and curated video of locals telling their stories and connections with RM Williams. The video content along with other bespoke footage was used for the internal AV Booth, which is designed and built to authentically represent a bush hut from the local area. Inside is a large touch screen where visitors can select one of 10 local stories to watch and listen to.

Outside, we designed, built and installed. an 8m wide x 4m high lasercut steel projection sculpture; “The Language of the Land” sculpture. We believe this is an Australian first!

A Projection and sound system were also permanently installed and set to automatically play the show every night. Illuminart can log into the installation remotely to change start times (as the seasons change) and to upload new and / or updated content, making this an extremely flexible attraction

The show that is projected onto the sculpture nightly tells stories of the local characters, RM Williams and entertains with bush poetry and anecdotes from past times.

North Burnett Regional Council are promoting this unique attraction to grey nomads who travel through their region, as well as to schools across Australia.

The Language of the Land Sculpture is a monument to people who live on and are connected to the land. The light and shade forms of the sculpture represent the many types of bush knowledge; explore the design and see if you can recognise all of them. The sculpture casts shadows during the day, and on special nights it is illuminated with projected stories, anecdotes and tales from Eidsvold locals.

On the lower sections you will discover bush trails, landforms, stone masonry, rivers and water holes. Among them animal prints and other treads are concealed. Those who know the language of the land will recognise tracks of the Emu, Kangaroo crouching and hopping, Lizard, Bullock and Horse. Hidden among them are three footprints representing the Wulli Wulli, Gurang and Wakka Wakka people’s ancient knowledge and cultural connection to the land, and on the very far right are the boot prints of a woman and man each wearing RM Williams’ famous heeled riding boots.

The outlines of two riders and packhorse pay homage to the drovers that RM Williams much admired and designed attire for. Above, topographical designs are combined with circular motifs that represent communities, stargazing and campfire gatherings. Such connections develop our sense of place and connection to country, and our appreciation of the natural landscape.

The night time campfire brings all travellers together to share stories, culture and the knowledge to respect and preserve our Australian bush heritage.

Audience Feedback

“It was fascinating – what a great venue & idea with the inclusive screens, the Aboriginal Art and the horse and men ”

“The screening on the sculpture was beautiful. The presentation was sensational.”

“Watched it twice didn’t want to leave”

“Very Genuine, Emotive, Aussie”

“Such a Surprise, so good!”

“Highly recommend anyone that comes to Eidsvold to watch this outdoor Theatre ”

“So Australian it makes you so proud of the pioneers. They had a tough life”

Project Team

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