Reverse Dreamtime Story

The Reverse Dreamtime Story features The Waagyl (traditional Nyoongar name for the Rainbow Serpent) who is the creator of all things, and shares the deep time connection that Indigenous people have to country… but takes it forward into the future as a ‘reverse dreamtime story’ that looks back to our time now.

Dennis Simmons, who founded cultural group Maar Koodjal and is a writer, performer and musician, conceived the idea of Reverse Dreamtime Story, and worked with respected Nyoongar artist Dennis Kickett (Noongali) and his daughter Michelle (Wilura) to illustrate the story and local music producer Mason Vellios to create a soundtrack to support the animation. Award winning multimedia artists and producers at illuminart worked with the group to guide, animate and bring the story to life. The beautiful piece is the legacy of creative collaboration and culture sharing between the artists.

The projection is a stunning blend of two and three-dimensional animation, traditional style dot painting and of highly colourful digital animation with music, created in collaboration with illuminart animators and producers. It was presented in 2016 to great acclaim at the inaugural Kaleidoscope in Joondalup, and returned to feature at the 2018 festival.


A groundbreaking new approach to Dreamtime Storytelling...

Kaleidoscope Festival
  • Combining the visual art of highly regarded Nyoongar artist Dennis Kickett (Noongali) and his daughter Michelle (Willura) and directed by Dennis Simmons, an Indigenous creative director based in the Joondalup area, Reverse Dreamtime Story left Kaleidoscope festival-goers in awe.

    Dennis (founder of cultural group Maar Koodjal, and writer, performer and musician) conceived the idea of the Reverse Dreamtime Story as a way of showing how Aboriginal culture will successfully thrive and carry forward into the future, saying “The Waagyl (traditional Nyoongar name for the Rainbow Serpent) is the creator of all things for us. This projection continues our Dreamtime story into the far future, and because of this it means that Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people who see this, will be entwined into this future Dreamtime together.”

    Music for this exciting piece is by Mason Vellios, a highly regarded sound designer and composer based north of Perth, WA.

  • WHILE Joondalup Library has played host to many a storytelling session over the years, not once has the story been illuminated on to the building itself for all to see. That will change when the inaugural Kaleidoscope festival comes to the Joondalup City Centre next week.
    Joondalup Times, 2016

    Our smash hit major projection from the inaugural Kaleidoscope in 2016 returns!
    Kaleidoscope Festival 2018


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