Resonant Wave immersion at the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre


r e s o n a n t w a v e transformed the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre’s courtyard into an immersive performance space on August 27, 2022. The artists’ works spilled across the surfaces of the courtyard, and incorporated the large arched window into the feature projections, highlighting the beautiful architecture. Four contemporary visual artists were paired with four diverse live music performers, to present a synchronised sound and large scale projection work. Projection, curatorial and technical support was provided by illuminart stories in light.


Deepsea Lights (Audio) / Tania Mason (Image)
T.Wilds (Audio) / Ona Janzen (Image)
Sonori (Audio) / Eddie Abd (Image)
Tilman Robinson (Audio) / Peachey and Mosig (Live projection)

Prior to the Cultural Centre courtyard immersion experience, artist talks with the addition of AUSLAN were also given in a gallery up late session. These celebrated three projection, light and sound installations by artists Eddie Abd, Yvette Hamilton and Vic McEwan.

Also present in the Cultural Centre and appearing in the projection was “Phantom Falls”, a sculpture by Michael Mandelc and commissioned through the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre – Public Art Integration Project.


In the months preceding the event, illuminart provided mentoring, support and advice to the artists. Scoping, planning, designing and recording with the sound artists, they explored how to use projection and visuals with sound to augment and support their vision. We interleaved expansive imagery workshops with the visual artists using tools like Resolume. The artists were mentored in how to utilise their work for projection according to their skillset. Ongoing group consultation between all the artists informed the development and curation of the works.

A jamming, meeting and workshop space was made available on the bottom level of the Katoomba Town Centre Arcade, opposite the B’COS Op Shop and next to the Uplift Fair Trade shop.

Illuminart is pleased and inspired to support culture and community development in the Blue Mountains. Resonant Wave is one element of a multi-tiered activity devised by Blue Mountains City Council (BMCC) with the assistance of federal funding.

  • r e s o n a n t w a v e was an immersive audio/visual performance event held during Winter Magic Festival in the Blue Mountains City Art Gallery on August 27, 2022. Curated by the BMCC’s Cultural Development Coordinator Katrina Noorbergen, the event partnered four visual artists, working across photography, digital collage, painting and moving image with four music groups performing an array of electronic, acoustic, classical, post rock and experimental sounds.

    Illuminart collaborated with the artists to develop their work and provided technical support for them to experiment with the large scale projection format. KFM Media provided audio and lighting and CloudHerd Film Co. created documentation video.

    The featured artists (MUSIC / VISUALS) of r e s o n a n t w a v e collaborated in sets:

    Deepsea Lights / Tania Mason

    T. Wilds / Ona Janzen

    Sonori / Eddie Abd

    Tilman Robinson / Peachey & Mosig

    Also appearing in the performance space were:

    Yvette Hamilton’s Expose exhibition ‘Space, Time, Light.’
    Michael Mandelc, Phantom Falls, 2013, acoustic metal foam, polymer foams and carbon fibre. Commissioned through the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre – Public Art Integration Project

    This event was a Blue Mountains City of the Arts managed project, supported by the RISE (Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand (RISE) Fund, an Australian Government Initiative.

    Sound Artists:

    Deepsea Lights
    Tania Wilds
    Tilman Robinson

    Visual Artists:
    Tania Mason
    Eddie Abd
    Ona Jansen
    Rachel Peachey and Paul Mosig

  • Project ID # 1312