Real Festival has No Boundaries

Teaming up with the highly acclaimed, Penrith based No Boundaries Art Group, Illuminart has returned to Penrith to stage luminous animations that sprawled across the vintage paddle steamer the Nepean Belle for REAL Festival 2023.

The were just four opportunities over two nights to view the spectacular vision at this colourful cultural celebration of the Neapean riverscape. The animated interpretation of enriching artworks created by diversely abled creative people from No Boundaries Art Group was accompanied by a soundtrack that resonated with the REAL vibe of the Penrith community. REAL Festival was kick-started in 2016 and is one of Sydney’s top family-friendly festivals.

Nepean Belle animations: Friday 15th and Saturday 16th September
Two screenings per night: 6:30 and 8:00pm

Real Festival: Friday 15th – Sunday 17th September, 2023

You were also able to experience the Nepean River from the breathtaking Nepean Belle Paddlewheeler, with free boat rides at Real Festival between Sunday 10am – 3pm. No booking were required and spaces were limited! Here is the full Real Festival Program.

The original and award-winning No Boundaries project was created in a partnership involving illuminart, Penrith City Council, Sylvanvale Foundation, Accessible Arts NSW and expanding to involve many others over the two year period. It included a large scale projection art show in 2012 and continues with an ongoing Visual Arts program held weekly in Penrith.  See the official Penrith project web site here to learn more about visionary projects and creative events by Penrith based artists working together. Check out this article about the very REAL benefits of events like this one.

Have illuminart projected onto other beautiful ships that traverse the water? Yes indeed! For starters, ow about this very long ship, the HMAS Whyalla, in South Australia!