Random Acts of Light

On 28th November 2015, a group of illumination artists converged on Moseley Square, to bring Random Acts of Light to an audience ready to play.

Supported by Illuminart, the one night luminous event incorporated a series of light focused interactive installations, light projections, performance art and illuminated sculptural works that brought magic to Moseley Square after sunset.

  • The artworks and installations included ShipShape – a mobile projection sculpture designed to roam and interact with the audience whilst projecting delightful and engaging animations; A Bike Light and Music pedal powered art installation; Glowing light artworks; Live light painting using tag tool; and light projection mapping.

    The event was attended by a local audience of about 700 people at sunset and a steady stream of passers by during the event, for an estimated total of 3000.


    • ShipShape is a luminous mobile projection sculpture designed to roam and interact with the audience whilst projecting delightful  animations.
    • Bring your bike or use one of ours, and help add your power to eLEGStricity, the power source that will generate light projection and music from a pedal powered art installation
    • Large glowing crabs will appear along the foreshore like they are migrating out of the sea and a light pixel image will be created by the audience as they interact with the “Push Me” light installation
    • The Glenelg Town Hall will be illuminated in light – come use tag tool light to create a light painting moment or masterpiece
    • Animated artworks will create interest and enhance the surface of the Glenelg Town Hall, in a live light painting and projection mapping treatment
  • Project ID # 1082