Quorn Lights Up

Quorn in the Flinders Ranges, was home to the unique ‘Flinders Ranges Bush Festival’ which featured Steam heritage, all manner of bush crafts and… projection art onto local buildings.

Created by Cindi Drennan with the help of local artists Val Francis, Elizabeth Collins, Joy and Daniel Campers, along with creative contributions by several classes at the Quorn Area School. Local community members helped put up projectors and wrangle umbrellas in moments of inclement weather.

The local Town Hall was illuminated with photos of families, artwork and drawings by school children that colourfully wrapped the buildings and surprised everyone with the playful representations of local scenes. Photos by Lis Collins enlarged flocks of galahs to the size of buildings.

The project combined animation and projection mapping, transforming local buildings with artwork and light in unexpected ways… and giving a very small community a taste for the power of projection art.

  • Festivals Australia Logo
    • Cindi Drennan Projection Artist
    • Ben Webb Projection and Digital Art trainee
    • Elizabeth Collins Featured Artist
    • Joy Campers Featured Artist
    • Val Francis Featured Artist
    • Daniel Campers Featured Artist
    • Quorn Area School (teachers Senga Reed, Matthew Timmis) Community Participation
    • Bernadette Zanet Project Support / Festival Project
    • Jane Egerton-Warburton Project Support / Festival Project
    • Tarla Kramer Project Support / Festival Project
    • Bron and Gary Lucas Project Support / Festival Project
    • John Mannion Film Maker in Residence
    • Terena Johnson Participating Artist
  • Project ID # 220