Outback River Lights Festival in Cunnamulla, Paroo

Explore the enchanting world of the Outback River Lights Festival and discover a cultural highlight on Cunnamulla’s calendar as the banks of the Warrego River are transformed with a symphony of lights, music and arts.

A mesmerizing spectacle comes to the heart of the outback for the River Lights Festival, blending rugged beauty with the magic of lights. Spectacular luminous installations and artistic collaborations will adorn the riverbanks in a dazzling display of colour and creativity. Opalescent orbs will dance along the water and an immersive and mysterious holomaze will appear amongst the trees to delight all ages. Inspired by the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the Outback, these vibrant elements will cast a magical glow over the surrounding landscape.

Holomaze: 19th to 21st April
River Light Show: Sunday 21st April

The visual entertainment of the River Light Show is combined with a stirring soundtrack celebrating local culture that includes a fantastic feature from local didgeridoo artist Brody Smyth.

Enjoy the community spirit that contributes to the inviting atmosphere, from stalls offering regional delicacies to live performances and family fun activities and inclusive workshops catering to all ages. The festival also provides an opportunity to connect with nature, as we taking time to walk along the river or stargaze upon the clear night sky, connecting with country and the environment.

Stories in light are a powerful way for community to connect, remember, reinterpret and create new visions, creating memories that linger long after the festival concludes. For those seeking a unique and enchanting adventure in the heart of the Outback, the Outback River Lights Festival in Cunnamulla is a must-attend event that captures the spirit of this remote Australian gem.

Stay tuned for wet weather updates and stay safe!

For more information about the River Lights Festival head to Paroo Shire Council.