Port Pirie Immersive Museum Display

Part of the expansive Silver to Sea Way Project is the meticulous restoration and regeneration of an historical gem to its former glory: the Port Pirie Railway Station Precinct, which contribute significantly to the visual identity of Ellen Street.

In addition to the refresh being undertaken by the National Trust, you will very soon be able to explore an engaging placemaking immersion that reveals important local history and stories in innovative ways, with digital elements that take visitors on a fascinating exploration and celebration of the region’s unique identity and heritage.  The experience is a part of a revitalisation plan for Port Pirie Railway Station and Port Pirie Customs House.

This collaboration between the National Trust and illuminart incorporates a unique signature look and feel and uses new digital media technology to help visitors explore the histories of the place and the stories that help form part of the greater meandering Silver to Sea Way legacy. There has been a high level of engagement from the local community in a series of re-enactments that are woven through the project and you can read more about them in our blogs.

For more information about the revitalisation project head to the National Trust.

The National Trust and illuminart are also working on another historic project at Gladstone Gaol featuring permanent projection and special lighting in the watchtower.

  • Story Lab Participants:

    Evelyn Dumoi
    Ebony North
    Kaz Fischer
    Kyah Dienhoff
    Benjamin Rohde
    Taleah Wilkins
    Jack Keian

    Reenactment Filming Participants:

    Our grateful thanks to all the amazing participants in the Railway Station reenactment for going to such great lengths to dress in the style of the day and to assist with all the fine details and for providing guardianship and support for cast members!

    Neesa Marwick
    Vicki South
    Christeen Schoepf
    Drazic Roberts
    Charlotte Miller
    Rosemary Pedder
    Pam Kanaris
    Phil Hudson
    Ruby Johns
    Harry Johns
    John Joseph Keain
    Amanda Johns
    Christeen Vicki
    Paul Siddell
    Hannah Oborn
    Kingston Kiriacou
    Trevor Greig
    Peter Axon
    Sandy and Warren
    Iris Kiriaco

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