Illuminart Architectural Projection Show at Carnival Fleurieu 2019

Illuminart and Festival Fleurieu have partnered to make a very special show for Carnival Fleurieu.

Illuminart have collaborated with local artists, school children and the festival to create a bright, bold unique new show to launch the festival.

The show is called ‘Plenty’ and will feature a brilliant, architectural mapped show that transforms the walls of Yankalilla Agricultural Hall, into an extraordinary animated display that combines three projects into an outstanding, big bright and spectacular addition to the Carnivale.



Enjoy the launch of the Festival Fleurieu with a wonderful array of food, performance and exhibitions.

The projection show will run twice – once at 6:50 pm, and again at 7:40 PM.

It will feature a dazzling array of stories collected around SA and shared with Yankalilla, in exchange for stories locally made. These include a tapestry of stories collected from locals, that have been illustrated  and animated by school children of the region, and will turned into a striking display that brings all generations to share and celebrate our  region.

Another component of the show will feature a celebration of the Fleurieu and its bountiful produce, not only of the agricultural, but also of the arts. This will include an opportunity for local artists and studios seeking to have their visual art writ and lit on the large scale!

A final part of the show will be the launch of illuminart’s regional SA odyssey, Port to Port, which will begin at the Yankalilla Hall and then begin a 9 month journey connecting regional communities all around SA, before being turned into an interactive digital feature. This means that stories from the Yankalilla region will be toured throughout SA after the premier and launch at Festival Fleurieu.

The combination of these three extraordinary productions showcased onto the Agricultural Hall, is a unique opportunity to see South Australia’s iconic illumination artists at work, in a rich display always said to be better than fireworks, and a great way to experience storytelling on a grand scale.

Illuminart and Festival Fleurieu have recently invited local artists and studios who wish to be involved in the‘Blowup your Art’ large scale projections (this has closed now, but for more information please visit

The amazing projection ‘PLENTY’ to appear for one night only on the Agricultural Hall, has been made possible thanks to support from the Australia Council of the Arts to creative team, illuminart.


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