No Boundaries Project

No Boundaries is an inclusive multimedia arts project demonstrating the benefits of social participation through art for people with disability, the capacity of technology to provide new opportunities for participation, and the influence their creative contributions can have for social inclusion.   No Boundaries shows how Penrith based artists are working together to bring visionary projects and creative events to the community.

The project was created in a partnership involving illuminart, Penrith City Council, Sylvanvale Foundation, Accessible Arts NSW and expanding to involve many others over the two year period. It included a large scale projection art show in 2012 and continues with an ongoing Visual Arts program in Penrith.

A DVD and Booklet were created recently and the project won a National Disability Award in December 2013.

See the official project web site at:

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  • TAFE students participating in the Light Rhythm Plays Hybrid media / Interactive Mobile projection: Guy Hickey, Lenore Betteridge, Aaron Berndt, Yvette robinson-sarasola, Emily Mills, Amor Villanueva, Alanna Zimola, Malcolm Nash, Christina Rudduck, Kerrie Donnolley, Mark Wotherspoon, janette vinko, Richard Curtis, Tanya Heather, and Linda Wilken.

  • Project ID # 1001